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How do baby flutters feel?

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One of the most exciting moments of pregnancy for many women is feeling the baby move for the first time. Often, it can be difficult for a woman to distinguish these first movements from other sensations, such as indigestion or gas.

However, when a woman is certain that she is feeling the fetus move, she may describe the feeling as baby flutters.

These soft initial movements are generally a sign that the pregnancy is going well. As the pregnancy progresses, a doctor may instruct a woman to be aware of the movements that the fetus is making. A sudden or gradual reduction in activity can indicate that the fetus is in distress.

Read on to learn more about baby flutters and what to expect from these movements as the pregnancy progresses.

What are baby flutters?

A woman may feel her fetus moving after 20 weeks.

Baby flutters occur when a pregnant woman feels the movement of the fetus.

For the first 18 to 20 weeks, a woman is not likely to feel any fetal movement. During the early stages of pregnancy, the fetus is not big or strong enough to make noticeable movements.

However, these timelines are relative. A woman who is pregnant for the first time may not feel anything until around 25 weeks, whereas a woman who has had previous pregnancies may recognize baby flutters as early as week 13.

Other factors, such as the position of the placenta, having twins or triplets, and the woman's body type, may affect when she feels the fetus move for the first time.

For example, a woman with an anterior placenta may notice movement later than a woman with a posterior placenta. A woman carrying more than one fetus may feel movement at an earlier stage of the pregnancy. Petite women may also notice movement sooner.

How do they feel?

The feeling of baby flutters can vary among women. Some common descriptions include:

  • feeling like gas pains but without passing any gas
  • feeling as though there are butterflies in the stomach
  • a tickling sensation on the inside
  • a popping or bubbling sensation
  • feeling pokes from the inside

The exact location of the flutters will depend on where the fetus is in the womb. They may be slightly higher or slightly lower in different women. Sometimes, a woman will feel flutters in the center or off to one side.

Flutters typically get stronger over time. Eventually, other people who touch the woman's stomach will be able to feel the movements.

Timeline and what to expect

For the first several weeks of pregnancy, a woman is not likely to feel any movement from the fetus. However, this does not mean that the fetus is not moving, just that they are too small for their movements to be noticeable.

In the early weeks, the fetus is moving around in a small sac of embryonic fluid. When the first ultrasound takes place, typically at about 10 weeks, the movement is visible but not yet easy to feel.

In the second trimester, a woman will start to notice baby flutters.

The exact time is impossible to predict as it is dependent on several factors, but it will generally occur between 18 and 20 weeks. Some women may find that it happens earlier than this, while others may not feel any movement until a later stage.

If a woman feels rhythmic movements that last for a few minutes at a time, the baby may have the hiccups. These are common and not a cause for concern.

Baby flutters will gradually become more intense until the woman can no longer describe them as flutters. Later in pregnancy, a woman is more likely to find her developing fetus's movements strong and uncomfortable.

As the fetus starts to run out of space, the feeling of the movements will begin to change. It is not uncommon to identify body parts pushing against the skin or feel more defined, sharp kicks.

A larger baby's movements can push up against the woman's organs, sometimes temporarily making it hard to breathe.

When to speak to a doctor

A doctor may recommend counting kicks to help monitor the health of the fetus.

Baby flutters and movement are good indicators of the developing baby's health and growth.

In the early weeks of development, a woman will not feel movements at all, but a doctor will see movements when they examine the fetus during routine ultrasounds.

When a woman first feels movements, she should let her doctor know at the next checkup. The first movements are often inconsistent and may come and go.

At 28 weeks, a doctor will typically talk to the woman about counting kicks. By this point in the pregnancy, the movements are usually becoming more consistent.

To do a kick count, a woman should find a similar time each day to relax and focus on the fetus's movements. Kicks and movements are harder to track while the pregnant woman is active.

A fetus goes through periods of sleeping and being active, just like people. Times when it may be easier to feel movements include:

  • after meals
  • between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m.
  • after drinking a cold beverage

Being aware of how often the fetus kicks or moves can help a woman sense any change. If the fetus's typical movements change, this could indicate a problem, so a pregnant woman should speak to a doctor immediately.


Baby flutters are a good sign of the health and vitality of the growing fetus. Baby flutters may start very early, or they may not be noticeable until well after week 20.

Once the fetus's movements become regular and stronger, they can help a woman monitor the health of the developing baby.

If a pregnant woman has concerns about the fetus's movements at any time, she should call her doctor or go directly to a medical center for examination.

Source: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/324504.php

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Like we said, the baby starts to run out of room, and there reaches a point where all they can do is roll and squirm, as there is not as much room anymore to send out the big kicks and punches. Everyone always asks aspirin Can Help Prevent Colon Cancer, But Many at Risk Don’t Take It an expectant mom if their baby is kicking yet, but no one asks them if their baby is rolling yet. You may find your babys first flutters cute. Get to know your babys normal pattern of movements. Theyre punching and rolling. 2 Nudge - Running Out Of Room. About drugs simply

Sometimes baby will move if theyre uncomfortable in a certain position. From the moment you feel that little nudge, you will start to become obsessed with how much and how often your little one is moving. The truth is, he probably. You do not need to do anything special to take them away, the baby doesnt mind having the hiccups and they will eventually go away on their own.



You may find your babys first flutters cute. Theyre also very important. Movement is a sign that your baby is growing and developing. They are doing things like flexing and stretching their.


Are you or someone close to you is expecting? Maybe like most physical Fitness in Youth Lowers Adult Disability Risk mom-to-be, you are also intrigued if can you feel the baby move at 12 weeks and what does. While the fetus is pretty small at this stage, the answer is YES! Most women can first share their baby's movements with their partner between weeks 20 and 24 of pregnancy, which is partway through the second t it could take longer, especially for women who are plus-size or have an anterior. You'll probably begin to feel your baby move, yourself, between 16 and 22 weeks.


Most mothers-to-be eagerly await that first reassuring flutter, just to know their baby is growing and developing. Sometime between 18-25 weeks into pregnancy, moms will begin to feel r first-time moms, it may occur closer to 25 weeks, and for second or third-time moms, it may occur closer to 18 weeks. Counting Kicks Is Important. Can't wait for your partner to feel when first-Line Combo Boosts OS in Advanced Kidney Ca baby busts a move? Find out when it could happen.


Feeling those first flutters of baby movement is a thrilling milestone for any mom-to-be. Sensing the growing life inside you lets you tune into your pregnancy in a totally new wayso its only natural. I didn't feel any movement with my first child until I was about 22 weeks along. The doctor ordered an ultrasound and determined that the placenta was on the front side, between me and baby.


Expert midwife advice on how how many times you should expect to feel your baby kick through your second and third trimester You're feeling those little kicks, or perhaps they're still flutters, and you may have heard other mums-to-be talking. Some moms can feel their babies move as early as 13-16 weeks from the start of their last ese first fetal movements are called quickening and are often described as may be difficult to determine whether this feeling. These early kicks can also feel like a tapping on the inside of your stomach. The baby is still fairly small at the point where you will start to feel movement, so you will not automatically feel the strong kicks and punches yet. You may feel your baby move as early as 16 weeks of pregnancy, high Blood Pressure Hits Urban Blacks Harder but most women usually feel something between 18 and 24 weeks. If this is your first pregnancy, you may not notice your babys movements until you are more than 20 weeks pregnant.


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