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Marine bacteria offer new weapon against melanoma

A recent paper outlines how marine bacteria have inspired an entirely new way of fighting melanoma. The authors hope that their findings might eventually lead to a more effective treatment.

Marine bacteria may provide a new weapon against melanoma.

Skin cancer is by far the most common type of cancer. Melanoma accounts for just 1 percent of skin cancer cases.

However, melanoma causes the majority of skin cancer deaths, primarily because once it metastasizes, there are limited treatment options.

According to estimates, doctors will diagnose 96,480 new cases of melanoma in the United States this year, and there will be 7,230 related deaths.

Melanoma occurs most often in older adults, but it is also one of the most common cancers in younger people.

Over the last 50 years, melanoma rates have risen at a worryingly rapid pace. Although increased levels of screening account for some of this change, they do not tell the whole story.

As mortality rates are relatively high for melanoma, and the number of cases is increasing, finding a new way of attacking this type of cancer is urgent.

New avenues to explore

Relatively recently, a class of drugs called BRAF inhibitors has shown promise for the treatment of melanoma. However, close to 50 percent of people do not respond to these drugs, and those who do tend to become resistant within months, making the treatment ineffective.

The race is on to uncover a new way to fight melanoma. Recently, researchers from the University of California in San Diego and Universidade Federal de São Paulo and Universidade de São Paulo in Brazil have taken inspiration from an unusual source: marine bacteria. William Fenical, James J. La Clair, and Leticia Costa-Lotufo led the team of researchers, who published their most recent investigation in ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters.

Their latest work follows on from a paper that they published in 2014. In this previous study, the researchers investigated a chemical called seriniquinone, which they isolated from rare marine bacteria of the genus Serinicoccus.

In the laboratory, seriniquinone selectively destroyed melanoma cells by inducing cell death. It achieved this by targeting a cancer-protective protein called dermcidin. This study was the first to identify a small molecule that could directly attack malignant cells.

Of course, finding a chemical that works against free-floating cancer cells in a test tube is a far cry from creating a drug that can successfully defeat cancer in a living person. As the authors write:

"The translation of [seriniquinone] into a chemotherapeutic agent is complex. It requires significant medicinal chemistry efforts to generate a large number of derivatives to improve its 'drug-like' properties."

Closer to a new drug

The researchers' recent work brings them closer to designing a usable drug. Specifically, they managed to identify the parts of the seriniquinone molecule that furnish it with its anticancer activity.

Next, they altered other parts of the molecule to make it water-soluble and easier to purify. Both of these properties are essential to make seriniquinone a functional drug.

Importantly, the alterations did not affect seriniquinone's anticancer activity. The authors write:

"Overall, these studies suggest that it is feasible to design melanoma-specific seriniquinone derivatives with drug-like properties."

Although this work has brought the team closer to developing a suitable drug, more work is necessary. The authors are committed to continuing along this path and are already working on ways to purify and improve the action of these seriniquinone derivatives.

They hope that, eventually, they can bring a powerful melanoma drug to market. Although there is much work ahead, identifying a new potential way of attacking melanoma is a significant breakthrough.

Source: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/324664.php

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Malignant melanoma can be a particularly dangerous form of cancer and more therapeutic what do skin infections look like? options what does scabies on the penis look like? are needed. Its main offices are in Washington,.C., and Columbus, Ohio. In melanoma, cancer cells form in melanocytes, the cells that colour the skin. If melanoma metastasises or migrates to other locations in the body, patient prognosis is poor and treatment options 039He Was Far Better Than I Imagined039: What We Heard This Week are limited. The researchers are now further refining these seriniquinone derivatives to optimise activity against melanoma. La Clair, Leticia Costa-Lotufo and colleagues decided the best solution would be to take aim at a completely different biochemical pathway in melanoma. About drugs simply

While new cases of most types of cancer are declining, those of melanoma the deadliest form of skin cancercontinue to climb, according to the.S. To automatically receive news releases from the American Chemical Society, contact email protected, follow us on, twitter, facebook. William Fenical, James. ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters that a bacteria from seawater has inspired promising leads for an entirely new way to treat the disease.



Marine bacteria offer new weapon against melanoma. Medical News Today - By Tim Newman. A recent paper outlines how marine bacteria have inspired an entirely new way of fighting melanoma. In 2014, the researchers discovered that seriniquinone, a natural product isolated from a rare marine bacteria, showed potent and selective activity against melanoma what are the proven benefits of dragon fruit? cells in a test tube.


Even better, it was the first small molecule ever shown to target a particular protein involved in cancer proliferation. Bacteria from seawater provide new leads to treat malignant melanoma. A natural product isolated from a rare marine bacteria, showed potent and selective activity against melanoma cells. The team decided the best solution would be to take cost, Not Efficacy Differentiates Stroke Thrombectomy Strategies aim at a completely different biochemical pathway in melanoma. Goal of Mental Health and Well-being 2018 is to deliver an outstanding program for exchange of ideas and authoritative views by leading scientists which covers the entire spectrum of research in psychological disordersand Psychiatry and share the cross-cultural experiences of various treatment procedures. Surge in Long-Term Birth Control After Trump s 2016 Win.


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