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039Broken Heart Syndrome039 Common in Cancer Patients

A history of cancer was noted in one in six patients with takotsubo cardiomyopathy, also known as "broken heart syndrome," and was associated with reduced 5-year survival times, a new international study found.

Malignancy was observed in 16.6% of 1,604 patients with takotsubo syndrome. Within 10 years of a takotsubo event, 40% of those with a cancer history died, versus about 25% among takotsubo patients without previous malignancy (P<0.001), reported Christian Templin, MD, University Hospital Zurich in Switzerland, and colleagues in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

And while 30-day mortality rates were comparable at roughly 5%, takotsubo patients with malignancy were more likely to die or require intensive heart and respiratory support while in the hospital, the researchers found.

"Patients with broken heart syndrome might benefit if screened for cancer to improve their overall survival," Templin said in a press statement. "Our study also should raise awareness among oncologists and haematologists that broken heart syndrome should be considered in patients undergoing cancer diagnosis or treatment who experience chest pain, shortness of breath, or abnormalities on their electrocardiogram."

Indeed, a study reported in 2018 found that patients diagnosed with takotsubo syndrome had twice the risk of clinical complications following hospital discharge if they also had a history of cancer.

Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, also known as stress cardiomyopathy, is a clinical syndrome that frequently presents as chest pain mimicking acute coronary syndrome or as acute heart failure characterized by left ventricular systolic dysfunction in response to emotional, physical, or medical stress, Gregg Fonarow, MD, UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, told MedPage Today. Fonarow was not involved in the study.

Reports such as one from 2012 have suggested that cancer may increase the risk of developing takotsubo cardiomyopathy, noted Fonarow, who called for additional research in this area.

In the current study, takotsubo syndrome patients with cancer were somewhat older (69.5 vs 65.8 years, P<0.001) and more likely to have physical triggers prior to the syndrome compared with those without malignancy (47.9% vs 34.2%, P< 0.001). Of these, a substantial proportion of takotsubo syndrome patients with malignancy developed a takotsubo episode after a medical intervention or physical trauma (12.7% vs 5.5%, P<0.001).

However, as an earlier study suggested, those with broken heart syndrome were less likely to have emotional triggers (18% vs 30.3%, P<0.001). "It is noteworthy that the prevalence of psychiatric disorders including anxiety and depression was not significantly different in [takotsubo syndrome] patients with malignancy compared to without malignancy," Templin and colleagues wrote.

The prevalence of malignancies in takotsubo cardiomyopathy is notably higher than in acute coronary syndrome (ACS). But among such patients with malignancies in the current study, long-term mortality was similar at about 40% in both takotsubo and ACS patients.

Other study highlights

Compared to those without cancer, takotsubo patients with malignancy on initial presentation were less likely to have chest pain (67.8% vs 77.5%, P<0.001), but more likely to have dyspnea (53.5% vs 45.8%, P=0.029). They also required acute cardiac care treatment more frequently (26.7% vs 19.4%, P=0.007), often related to a greater need for invasive or noninvasive respiratory support (23.7% vs 15.7%, P=0.002) and had a higher in-hospital mortality (6.7% vs 3.4%, P=0.010).

In a multivariable analysis, independent predictors of long-term mortality were:

  • Age >70
  • Atrial fibrillation
  • Peak troponin >10x upper limit of the normal (ULN)
  • Peak creatinine kinase >10x ULN
  • Left ventricular ejection fraction <45%
  • Malignancy, neurologic conditions, and psychiatric disorders

For the study, researchers drew on data from the International Takotsubo Registry (InterTAK Registry), with participants (88% women) stratified by presence or absence of malignancy. The most frequent type of malignancy was breast cancer, followed by tumors affecting the gastrointestinal system, respiratory tract, internal sex organs, skin, and other areas. Subanalyses included 411 takotsubo patients and 441 ACS patients matched for age and sex.

Authors noted limitations included in the small study cohort, which did not allow examination of the potential effect of the different type and stage of cancer, or its treatment, on outcome in patients with takotsubo syndrome.

"The mechanism by which malignancy and cancer treatment may promote the development of broken heart syndrome should be explored, and our findings provide an additional reason to investigate the potential cardiotoxic effects of chemotherapy," Templin said.

Source: https://www.medpagetoday.com/cardiology/acutecoronarysyndrome/81083

More evidence links broken heart syndrome to cancer

If you're having any chest pain, a very rapid or irregular heartbeat, or shortness of breath after a stressful event, call 911 or emergency medical assistance immediately. They found that regions of the brain responsible for processing emotions and controlling cialis for men vs the unconscious workings of the body, such as heart beat, breathing and digestion, do not communicate with each other as well in TTS patients as in healthy people. "There seems to be a strong interplay between Takotsubo syndrome broken heart syndrome and malignancies said study senior author. A physical trauma or surgery, respiratory failure, and infections are examples of physical stresses that can contribute to broken heart syndrome, the study noted. Hopefully, one day new findings can be translated into developments in preventive, therapeutic and diagnostic strategies to improve patient care. About can cialis be taken with food pictures drugs simply

Watch The Calories 29 Sep, 2018, obese patients are encouraged to lose weight to minimize cardiac workload. Cut Down On Salt 29 Sep, 2018, in patients with heart failure, a reduction in salt intake brings about a significant improvement. For 1 in 6 people, it's also connected to cancer, according to a new study. Scientists have shown for the first time that the brain is involved in the development of a heart condition called Takotsubo syndrome (TTS).



Broken heart syndrome is a serious medical problem that can be triggered by physical or cialis shop 70 emotional stress. For 1 in 6 people, it's also. In the international study of 1,604 people with broken heart syndrome, 267 had cancer. The most frequent type was breast. Patients with broken heart syndrome might benefit if screened for cancer to improve their overall survival, said Templin, who. Broken heart syndrome should be considered in patients undergoing cancer diagnosis or treatment who experience chest pain. Broken heart syndrome may harm more than just the heart, as new research suggests that it can "Therefore, it should be recommended for Takotsubo syndrome patients to participate in cancer.


The most common type of cancer was breast cancer. Other cancers affected areas including the. Patients with broken heart syndrome and cancer need strict monitoring at follow-up. Broken heart syndrome, also called takotsubo cardiomyopathy, is a type of heart failure that occurs caverject no script suddenly and goes away within days or weeks.


Increased levels of stress. Broken heart syndrome, also called takotsubo syndrome, occurs when the heart's main pumping chamber temporarily enlarges and "Patients with broken heart syndrome might benefit if screened for cancer to improve their overall survival said Christian. Broken heart syndrome is a temporary heart condition that's often brought on by stressful situations, such as the death of a loved one. The condition can also be triggered by a serious physical illness or surgery. People with broken heart syndrome may have sudden chest pain or think they're having. 'Broken heart ' syndrome originates in the brain. Patients with chronic heart failure are cialis directions usa at constant risk of losing weight due to the medical condition and also low dietary intake which is due poor appetite, depression or loss of appetite due to consumption.


TTS is known as "broken heart " syndrome and is characterised by a sudden temporary weakening of the heart muscles detrol la for cystitis that. Patients develop chest pains and breathlessness, and it can lead to heart attacks and death. TTS is more common in women with only. Lar apical ballooning syndrome, broken. Heart syndrome, neurogenic myocardi.


Intensivists should consider this syndrome in the differential diagnosis of septic patients. Severe emotional stress is the most common trigger for this syndrome in the. Broken heart syndrome is a temporary heart condition that is triggered by emotional stress, such as the death or a loved one, break up or anxiety. There is a temporary disruption of the muscular portion of the heart, cialis cost savings weakening the hearts normal pumping. Acute Coronary Syndrome and the Broken Heart Syndrome (Stress Cardiomyopathy) The clinical presentation of stress cardiomyopathy is very similar to that of an acute coronary event. Therefore, patients with stress cardiomyopathy are usually admitted. Broken -heart syndrome, or takotsubo cardiomyopathy, occurs when the heart muscles suddenly weaken, causing the heart to change shape.


To do 44386 blue pill xanax so, the team scanned the brains of 15 female patients who had previously developed broken - heart syndrome. Takotsubos Cardiomyopathy or broken heart syndrome is a disorder that often mimics Acute Myocardial. Patients often present with acute chest pain, shortness of breath and EKG changes. This is a phenomenon quite common in Takotsubos patients. High quality cialis drugs at low price.


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