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The Advantages of Diagnosing Autism Before Age 2

Share on PinterestResearchers say autism diagnoses made at 14 months generally don’t change as a child gets older. Getty Images

The earlier you can start evidence-based interventions, such as occupational therapy, with a child with autism spectrum disorder, the more effective that treatment will be.

Most experts in the field agree on that.

However, one barrier to early treatment has been the reliability of autism diagnoses of young children.

Previously, a diagnosis wasn’t considered reliable until the age of 2.

That may soon start to change.

A new study published in JAMA Pediatrics concludes that autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnoses made at the age of 14 months generally don’t change as a child gets older.

Researchers tracked 1,269 toddlers while examining the children at multiple times, beginning at 12 months of age.

The researchers said they noticed an autism diagnosis at 14 months was generally “stable.”

They also noted that 24 percent of the children eventually diagnosed with ASD were “missed” on initial evaluations by licensed psychologists who attributed behavioral patterns to other aspects such as language delay.

The new findings could support health professionals who want to make earlier diagnoses and begin implementing interventions sooner.

For families and children with ASD, this could have life-changing outcomes.

“Now that we understand the early nature of ASD and the very early age of diagnostic stability, it opens doors for researchers to begin examining the impact of very early delivered treatment,” Karen Pierce, PhD, a study co-author and a professor in the neurosciences department at the University of California San Diego, told Healthline. “Our understanding of early brain plasticity suggests that very early treatment should result in excellent outcomes, but we will only know for sure once the studies have been conducted. Our findings open the door for such studies.”

Two autism experts also interviewed by Healthline agreed a diagnosis earlier than 2 years of age is certainly possible, but they had a few cautions.

Rebecca Sachs, PhD, a licensed clinical psychologist at CBT Spectrum in New York, said indicators for autism such as language delay and social interaction are present as early as 14 months.

However, she noted that girls with autism sometimes aren’t diagnosed until a later age or are often misdiagnosed due to the structure and measures used in ASD evaluations.

Kate Cody, PsyD, a licensed psychologist with Spectrum Psychological Services, said the accuracy of such early diagnoses can be determined by what experts are focusing on.

She also noted most early diagnoses are based on how a child interacts with an adult. Other signs might appear when the child is older and starts interacting with peers.

“There is a lot of variability,” said Sachs.

The benefit of early diagnosis

ASD encompasses a wide range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech, and nonverbal communication.

It affects about 1 in 59 children, with boys being four times more likely to be diagnosed than girls.

How autism presents itself can differ greatly from one child to the next, making individualized intervention plans vital.

Timing is also an important factor in maximizing the potential benefits of treatment.

Pierce notes that the mean age for autism diagnosis in children is 52 months.

“Given the plasticity of the human brain to be shaped by early environmental experience, particularly within the first years of life, this late age of diagnosis is unfortunate because children are not receiving treatment at an age that might be most beneficial to them,” she said.

Sachs and Cody agree.

“The earlier the intervention, the better prognosis we see,” said Sachs.

Cody added that earlier treatments have a better chance of rewiring a child’s brain and adjusting behaviors.

“Early intervention tends to be more effective,” she said.

Sachs noted that these therapies tend to develop better communication skills in children, which in turn can relieve frustration and stress.

“When a kid throws something across the room, they’re communicating,” she said.

Both Sachs and Cody said there appears to be little harm in using early intervention treatments on children who may not be on the spectrum.

The therapies will still help with language delays or any other developmental problems the child may be having.

“It’s only going to benefit the child,” said Cody.

Available treatments, therapies

There are three main approaches to intervention and treatment: medical, non-medical, and additional or alternative.

According to officials at Autism Canada, the medical approaches include:

  • specialized diets, such as gluten-free
  • pharmaceuticals, such as antibiotics
  • nutraceuticals, such as digestive enzymes

Non-medical approaches, according to the Texas Autism Resource Guide for Effective Teaching (TARGET), are vast and include:

  • Cognitive behavioral intervention that teaches individuals to understand and change thoughts and behaviors.
  • Exercise that uses physical exertion to reduce problem behaviors or increase appropriate behaviors while increasing physical fitness and motor skills.
  • Parent-implemented intervention that increases positive learning opportunities and acquisition of important skills.
  • Prompting that assists individuals when they are using a specific skill.
  • Reinforcement that establishes the relationship between the individual’s behavior/use of skill and the consequence of that behavior/skill.
  • Self-management that teaches individuals to regulate behaviors and act appropriately.
  • Social skills training that aids individuals with peer, adult, and other individual social interactions.

In addition to the above interventions and therapy options, many families and children with ASD find support from other approaches.

According to Autism Canada, these other therapies include:

  • art
  • music
  • occupational therapy
  • sensory integration
  • therapeutic recreation

Animal therapy has also been highlighted by the Autism Society as an effective form of therapy in appropriate cases. Animal therapy can include working with dogs, horseback riding, or swimming with dolphins.

“These animals can provide soothing sensory stimulation, a point of focus and opportunities to learn about behavior and communication,” states the Autism Society.

Cody and Sachs noted therapies can benefit a child even into adulthood, especially if treatments are ongoing.

“Intervention is so important for the development of skills that will last a person a lifetime,” said Cody.

Sachs added that the therapies can also help with issues such as anxiety, depression, and obsessive behavior that sometimes co-exist with autism.

What caregivers can do

So what should you do if you notice developmental delays?

Contact a medical professional who can evaluate ASD as soon as possible.

“If a child is showing signs of ASD, it is important to take them for an evaluation by a qualified professional right away,” said Pierce. “The high stability of an ASD diagnosis during early development implies that the symptoms of ASD will not resolve on their own. A ‘wait and see’ approach is probably not in the best interest of the child.”

Sachs and Cody add that treatments can also benefit parents.

They said a parent can understand a child’s behavior better once they have a diagnosis and are educated about the therapies being administered.

It can also lead parents to join a support group.

“The interventions can provide parents with access to a community and access to a roadmap,” said Cody.

Healthline news editor David Mills did additional reporting and writing on this article.

The Advantages of Diagnosing Autism Before Age

The child may always see themselves as different from a young age, so they might exclude themselves as a matter of habit. Finding out your child may have the tadalafil 20 anos markers for Autism or any of the Autism Spectrum Disorders can be like a punch in the gut for parents. . Parents of teens with Aspergers face many problems that other parents do not. Future careers can be planned around the young persons skills and strengths. There really is no best age to get diagnosed because every person is an individual and every circumstance is unique. The disadvantages of being diagnosed as a preschooler: Lifelong diagnosis given to a young child who may develop and grow to the point the diagnosis no longer matches their needs. About drugs simply

Click here to read the full article, parenting Children and Teens with High-Functioning buy tadalafil 20mg easy Autism. Toddlers, i would classify tadalafil prescription 0 1 my son as just a toddler when he was diagnosed. Children who receive autism-appropriate education and support at key developmental stages are more likely to gain essential social skills and react better in society. Schooling and education could base a childs capabilities on what is written in a diagnosis report that is no longer relevant to the growing child. A wait and see approach is probably not in the best interest of the child.



The Advantages of, diagnosing Autism Before, age 2 Written by Michelle Pugle on May 7, 2019 New Share on Pinterest Researchers say autism diagnoses made at 14 months generally dont change. It can have benefits for the family as well as the kids themselves. Lets take a look: Family. First and foremost, diagnosing autism as early as possible provides families with some answers that they are snafi tadalafil 20mg extended seeking about the development of their child. Early diagnosis: possible and reliable. These babies are considered at risk of developing autism and many of them show signs such as repetitive behaviours and lack of social engagement before they are 18 months (but as early as nine months). 3 Studies That Show the Benefits of an, early Diagnosis of Autism.


Think of it in these terms: what is cialis 70 a typical school bus holds about 50 children, so on every bus, in every state, there is at least one child living with autism. Furthermore, boys are four times more likely to have the condition than girls, with 3-4 of boys in the United States diagnosed on the spectrum. Benefits of, early Autism Diagnosis, research. Diagnosis for autism or autism spectrum disorders is usually done around age three.


Rebecca Landa, a speech-language pathologist of apomorphine cats the Kennedy Krieger Institute believes delays in communication, social skills and motor skills can be recognized as early as 14 months. The Advantages of, diagnosing Autism Before, age. Healthline - Michelle Pugle. The earlier you can start occupational therapy with a child with autism spectrum disorder, the more effective that treatment will. Dis)advantage of early diagnosis (self.


Can people here tell me what advantages or disadvantages they got of early detection? I was diagnosed in my 30s and lived semi-fine till 2 years before my diagnosis tadalafil weight loss where i switched to a job with much more social interaction. Looking back there is a lot of undiagnosed ASD running in my family. If a child is diagnosed with autism, there s a lot parents and therapists can do - if it s caught early. Science is getting closer to diagnosing autism in infancy, but in the meantime, here. Advantages and Disadvantages of Labeling Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder If your child receives a formal diagnosis of AS or HFA, there are going to be a number of benefits as well as difficulties associated with getting the label.


In contrast, our son was diagnosed at 3 and our daughter, the month before her fifth birthday. It all got me thinking: What is the best age to be diagnosed if you have autism? Here are some pros and cons of being diagnosed with autism at different ages. Die neue Form von.


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