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Babies ’don’t need tongue-tie surgery to feed’

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Babies with tongue-ties rarely need surgery to help them feed, a US study suggests.

It found two-thirds of babies referred for the procedure did not need it and were able to feed with other support.

Tongue-tie occurs when the strip of skin connecting the tongue and the floor of the mouth is shorter than usual. It can affect feeding, though not always.

UK experts said the procedure could be avoided "with the right support".

Between 4% and 11% of babies are born with a tongue-tie, or ankyloglossia.

It can mean babies aren't able to open their mouths widely enough to breastfeed.

A simple procedure called a frenulectomy, where the tongue-tie is snipped, can be offered.

In very young babies, it can even be done under local anaesthetic.

The US study suggests the number of frenulectomies is increasing, from 1,200 in 1997 to 12,400 in 2012.

Figures from NHS Digital show at least 4,320 were carried out in England in 2015-16 - and that figure is likely to be an underestimate since it is such a quick procedure it might not always be recorded.

The US study, published in JAMA Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, looked at 115 babies, who on average were about a month old.

All had been referred for the surgical procedure - but 63% were able to successfully breastfeed with help from specialists, including speech and language therapists.

Dr Christopher Hartnick, from Massachusetts Eye and Ear hospital, who led the research, said: "We have seen the number of tongue-tie and upper lip tether release surgeries increase dramatically without any real strong data to show these are effective for breastfeeding."

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NCT breastfeeding counsellor Jane Moffett said: "Many women experience challenges when feeding their babies during the first days and weeks.

"In some cases, this may be due to tongue-tie.

"There is limited evidence to indicate which babies need a tongue-tie division and which do not.

"Services also vary considerably across the UK, with some areas having no NHS provision and concerns about over-diagnosis in others.

"If you think your baby has tongue-tie, or are worried that he or she isn't feeding properly, get in touch with a breastfeeding counsellor, midwife or health visitor.

"Getting support early can make all the difference."

Prof Mary Fewtrell, from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, said: "For some, tongue-tie can be the cause of poor breastfeeding and maternal nipple pain and the procedure can correct the restriction to tongue movement and allow more effective breastfeeding for baby, and comfort for mum.

"However, parents need good breastfeeding support and advice before considering surgery because, as this study shows, it can sometimes be avoided with the right support.

"Whilst this new study sheds some light on this issue, as yet, we do not have enough data from good quality trials to know what is best for breastfeeding outcomes."

Tongue, tie (Ankyloglossia) - Infant Newborn - Causes, Treatment

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Some babies who have tongue -tie don t seem to be bothered. Treatment isnt necessary if your baby has tongue -tie but can feed without any problems. Tongue -tie surgery can be carried out in older children and adults, although its usually done under general anesthetic detrol la 4mg capsule and may involve using. While the existence of tongue tie (ankyloglossia) has never been questioned, the decision on whether surgery. The author put the tongue tie on the stretch with his left index finger while holding the lower lip clear.


As a result, further surgery may legitimately be needed later. Therefore, the possibility that. Tongue -tie buy tadalafil jelly (ankyloglossia occurs when the frenulum is abnormally short, stopping the tip of the tongue from protruding beyond the lower gum. In some instances, support to improve attachment is all that is needed. However, if the condition is causing problems with feeding, surgical division of the. Babies who are bottle-fed and who have tongue -tie occasionally have trouble with making a good seal around the bottle teat.


This may mean that the milk leaks, and your baby may suffer from colic, hiccups or wind as a result of swallowing air (ATP. I'm hoping she don 't need surgery to fix cozaar generic drug name this problem. Tongue tie can cause problems with breast-feeding as the baby may not be able to suck well. The nipple of the mother can also become dry and cracked as a result. Older children and adults can still undergo surgery to treat tongue tie, but it will usually require general anesthetic and stitches. Tongue Tie Babies Support, International.


I use laser because it offers me some advantages, but lasers are not buy cialis uk 0 5 a prerequisite for a successful surgery. Tongue -tie and Breastfeeding Symposium Kings College Hospital Tongue -tie Service would like to invite. How Posterior Tongue Tie Surgery Is Done. 1, feeding weakness, the baby could not wrap his tongue nipple. 2, at the posterior tongue tie when teething recurrent ulcers. Tongue -tie surgery (lingual frenectomy) involves more than just a simple clipping or a quick snip, but more involved tissue. "We know tongue tie can make feeding difficult, and health.


It is often done by surgeons but other healthcare professionals can perform. Figures from the Health and Social Care Information Centre show that more than 5,000 babies in England had tongue -tie division in hospital last year. Read more: Baby 's tongue -tie surgery caused bleeding for hours Better identification of babies who need tongue -tie snips needed. There are no details on who does the procedure but they include midwives, GPs, dentists and surgeons. It reported doctors were worried the procedure was being. Tongue -tie surgery like episiotomy is appropriate in certain specific situations such as classic buy tadalafil 20mg to canada anterior tie that prevents a baby from moving her. So if you wouldnt willingly undergo a painful episiotomy because it might be helpful, don t force your baby to undergo painful tongue -tie surgery.


Using tongue tie surgery Smile Columbia wants to help you and your baby minimize the frustration. Both tongue and lip tie can be treated in quick procedures that are so painless, they don t even require anesthesia. If your child has been diagnosed with ankyglossia and needs tongue tie surgery,. Tongue -ties are treated by releasing the tongue to move freely by cutting the frenulum. This can happen with scissors, or with laser surgery. It is a very minor procedure for a simple snip with scissors, but more invasive procedures could potentially have a risk says Assoc Prof Amir. Brand cialis.


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