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Earlier Tamiflu May Cut Death Risk in Some Severe Cases

Earlier administration of oseltamivir (Tamiflu) to severely ill patients with the flu was not linked to a decrease in overall influenza-associated mortality, though there was an observed effect on patients with influenza A/H3N2, researchers found.

After adjustment, early oseltamivir did not affect overall mortality (RR 0.94, 95% CI 0.78-1.14) compared with receiving the drug late, but early oseltamivir did have a significant effect in patients with influenza A/H3N2 (RR 0.69, 95% CI 0.49-0.94), reported Theodore Lytras, MD, of the Hellenic Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Athens, Greece, and colleagues, in Clinical Infectious Diseases.

Use of neuraminidase inhibitors, such as oseltamivir, are recommended for severely ill patients or those at high risk of complications, the authors said, but added that "a debate persists around the evidence supporting these recommendations." They cited lack of evidence from randomized trials about the effects of neuraminidase inhibitors on mortality, and the ethics surrounding randomizing severely ill patients.

As a result, they said that recommendations have been forced to rely on observational studies, which are often low-quality, with a high risk of bias and "incompletely adjusted for confounding" with a patient population that is "relatively young and healthy" with a low mortality rate. They added that "practically all available evidence" on the topic pertains to influenza A/H1N1pdm09.

Researchers examined data from an active surveillance system for severe influenza in Greece. The study population was comprised of adults ages ≥18 with laboratory-confirmed influenza over eight winter seasons (2010-2011 to 2017-2018). Patients were treated in an ICU, mechanically ventilated, and received oseltamivir alone. Primary outcome was death in the ICU (vs live discharge from the ICU), the authors said.

Overall, the study included 1,330 ICU patients, where 362 received early oseltamivir. About 40% of patients were women, median age was 62, and about three-quarters of patients were age >50. Over half of patients had influenza A/H1N1pdm09, while about 20% had influenza A(H3N2). Only 10% had been vaccinated against seasonal influenza.

Researchers noted that those receiving early oseltamivir were slightly older, were more likely to have comorbidities and be vaccinated for seasonal influenza, and had a shorter time between symptom onset and ICU admission.

There were 622 deaths out of 1,330 patients, with no significant difference between the early and late oseltamivir groups, the authors said. However, they noted that fewer patients with influenza A/H3N2 died in the early group versus the late group (33.7% vs 48.4%, P=0.029). In addition, median length of stay in the ICU was shorter in the early versus late group (12 days vs 15 days, P=0.003).

The authors characterized this "observed 30% decrease in mortality" among A/H3N2 patients as "especially significant."

"This subtype is often poorly covered by the seasonal influenza vaccine, and frequently affects elderly patients causing significant morbidity and mortality, as recently seen in the United States," the authors wrote. "Such a large decrease in mortality among the most critically ill influenza patients indicates a considerable potential for prevention in the population."

But they also found that there was no mortality benefit of early oseltamivir in influenza A/H1N1pdm09 or influenza B patients, and called for more research on the effects of oseltamivir against all seasonal influenza types.

"This ... changes current thinking about antivirals, and is particularly relevant for pandemic planning; the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of antivirals against one strain of influenza does not guarantee (or preclude) effectiveness against a future pandemic strain," the authors wrote.

The observational nature of the study was a limitation, making it potentially subject to unmeasured confounding. Other limitations included the fact that dosage and duration of oseltamivir treatment was not available and that safety outcomes were not evaluated.

The Hellenic Centre for Disease Control and Prevention paid for the patient's PCR testing within the scope of its public health surveillance activities.

The authors disclosed no relevant relationships with industry.

Source: https://www.medpagetoday.com/infectiousdisease/uritheflu/77983

Tamiflu cuts flu death risk by 25: study

The study found that people older than 16 who were given Tamiflu in hospital had a 25 lower risk of death than those who did not get the pencoed academy tackles NHS Wales radiologist shortage drug. "The findings could help to preserve oseltamivir stocks during a future pandemic. Paris, France The anti-virus drug Tamiflu reduced the risk of death from flu by a quarter among adults who took it during the H1N1 influenza pandemic, a study said Wednesday. Photo by Gaetan Bally/EPA. Roche, based in Basel, calls for wider cervical cancer inquiry at Southmead Hospital Switzerland, defended the drug's benefits and its research, saying confidentiality agreements with patients enrolled in the trials kept the company from giving the investigators unreserved access to the findings. An analysis of 20 studies showed that Tamiflu, which is expected to generate.7 billion francs (2.64 billion) in sales this year, eased and shortened symptoms if taken quickly. About drugs simply

The effectiveness of Roche Holding AG's Tamiflu in treating flu complications in healthy adults can't weight loss: How important is eating breakfast? be determined because the Swiss drugmaker wouldn't supply data from eight studies, an independent research group said. 'Taken on Trust governments relied on the studies to justify the widespread use of Tamiflu, known chemically as oseltamivir, she said. In at least one case, a study was attributed to a researcher who disavowed any involvement to the journal, Godlee wrote. More than 68 million people have taken Tamiflu since it was approved a decade ago.



The study found that people older than 16 who were given. Tamiflu in hospital had a 25 lower risk of death than those who did not get the drug. Adults who were hospitalized were 25 less likely to die if they were given the drug. The effectiveness of Roche Holding. Tamiflu in treating flu complications in healthy adults can t be determined because the Swiss drugmaker wouldn t supply data from eight studies, an independe. Tamiflu may 2007 The.


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